At Wairau we recognise that students have different learning styles and needs. At times students need additional support to help them to overcome their barriers to learning. 

Our DP, who oversees pastoral care, is also the school’s SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). This role includes liaising with specialist agencies so that appropriate interventions can be implemented that support these students to be successful at a level that is right for them.

In addition, Wairau Intermediate has developed an extensive network that responds quickly to students’ needs. This network includes: Principal, Deputy Principal, Team Leaders, class teachers, public health nurse and school counsellor. 

An integral part of our network are the students themselves. Selected students are trained as peer mediators and they perform an important role in supporting positive social interactions between students at breaktimes.

Pastoral care at Wairau is based on the belief that we do all that is necessary in order to ensure each student’s time at intermediate is rewarding and successful.