Our uniform is sold through New Zealand Uniforms at their shop located at 19a Douglas Alexander Parade, Rosedale.  Purchases can be made either online or in person at their store.  NZ Uniform’s price current price list is shown below along with their contact details, hours and store location.  


Great efforts have been made to achieve a reasonable cost to parents.  We feel that children should be proud of their school and the wearing of the uniform certainly provides a sense of belonging and identity.  This, in turn, tends to lead to the development of good working habits and self-discipline.  All children are expected to wear correct school uniform at all times.

General Reminders:

It is expected that all student uniform items will be clearly named to establish ownership and to help with the return of misplaced items.  Enquiries about lost property can be made at the school office.

Students travelling on school trips or representing the school must be wearing correct school uniform – unless otherwise advised (e.g. school camp).


Hats MUST be worn in Terms 1 and 4 –   Caps are sold at school.  Students without hats MUST remain in shade areas around the school


Shoes can be:

Shoes must be worn when playing on the sports courts / no bare feet allowed. Any colour trainers are allowed for P.E / sports.


The wearing of jewellery such as dangling earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces can be very dangerous, particularly during play activities.  Piercings in the ears must be small studs.  Stick on / drawn tattoos are not appropriate.

Jewellery that has a special cultural or religious significance for the family can be worn at school.

Pupils will need to advise teachers with a note / email from home if they are not wearing the correct uniform for any reason.

In making its decision that there should be no exception to this uniform, the Board has asked that where there are any cases of genuine hardship, parents should please approach the Principal.

Wairau Intermediate Bucket Hat

Product Code: WAU6033A

Wairau Intermediate Bucket Hat

$20.00 (GST Inc.

Wairau Intermediate Softshell Jacket

Product Code: WAU3513

$95.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School Short

Product Code: WAUPVTETE

$55.00 (GST Inc.) 

Wairau Intermediate School Trackpant Navy

Product Code: BIZWAUTP226M

$60.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate Girls Skirt

Product Code: WAUKEA

$60.00 (GST Inc.

Wairau Intermediate School PE Short

Product Code: WAUST2020B

$40.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School Y7  Polo


$55.00 (GST Inc.) 

Wairau Intermediate School PE Tee

Product Code: WAUPETEE

$45.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School House Tee Whakaaro

Product Code:  WAUPETSB RED

$45.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate House Tee Wairua


$45.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School House Tee Aroha

Product Code: WAUPETSB BLU

$45.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School House Tee Manawa

Product Code: WAUPETEE

$45.00 (GST Inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School Hoodie

Product Code: WAUHYHO

$80.00 (GST inc.)

Wairau Intermediate School Hoodie

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