Wairau Intermediate School is situated on the North Shore of Auckland. It was established in 1980 as the first variable-space intermediate school for Years 7-8. The school has a population of 250- 300 students who come from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds. Learning incorporate a range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities. The size of the school is what make us unique and ensures all students have plenty of opportunities to participate and be involved in the life of the school.

Modernisation has already begun with the completion of one the teaching blocks last year. As part of the 5 Year Property Plan, work is planned for the further upgrade and development of the school environment.

Our school’s education philosophy recognizes the unique nature of each child and, in particular, the emotional, physical, social and academic needs of emerging adolescents. 


Learning gives students the power to direct their future.  We provide a learning environment that encourages success.  We share the desire to provide programmes of work that allow all children to reach their potential. Our spacious open plan buildings and variable space design allows great flexibility in programme planning and the learning opportunities offered. 

Our family orientated; collaborative culture is expressed through our school organization.  Composite year 7 and 8 classes assist the transition from primary to secondary school.   Teachers plan and work together, utilizing each other’s strengths in developing comprehensive and coherent programmes, allowing a range of teachers to develop an in-depth knowledge of each child.  This can be hugely beneficial in meeting the individual needs of children.  We believe learning is best when it is challenging, stimulating and rewarding. 


Personal responsibility, reliability and effort are essential for academic and personal development.  We will work towards the growth and development of all students, as individuals, as responsible and informed members of society, and as productive contributors to New Zealand’s economy and future.

Our modern, variable teaching spaces allow for flexibility in grouping, programme planning, collaboration and different learning styles. 

Home classes  are grouped so that Year 7 and 8 students learn 

in the same teaching space. This supports the “Tuakana Teina” model of learning, in which the Year 7 students learn from and are supported by those in Year 8. 

Students stay with the same home room teacher for the two years they are with us,  which effectively supports and bridges the transition from primary through to high school. 

The facilities at Wairau include well-resourced technology, visual and performing arts departments as well as a school library. 

Our outdoor spaces consist of a large school field, a well-equipped playground, an outdoor performance area and two large Astroturf courts for sport and for physical activities.