Wairau Intermediate School opened in 1980 as the first variable space intermediate school on the North Shore. Situated between the suburbs of Forrest Hill and Sunnynook, it seemed that one of these would be taken as the school name.

The original Principal, Dave Kerr, was keen to involve the school community in the naming of the school and after much input and discussion, it was decided that the school would be called Wairau Intermediate. Wairau was the original name for the whole area and with an English meaning of “abundant water”, it seemed very appropriate with water being the basis of all growth – in our case physical, emotional and academic growth.

Artist Toi Maihi, wife of the Deputy Principal Berry Maihi, designed the school logo to illustrate this theme of abundant water and life.

The koru shapes within this logo highlight the way in which our school lays a foundation for new beginnings as our students transition from Primary to Intermediate and then on to High School.

As a school , we also see our  waters as representative of our diverse community, our people. Learning focussed relationships (“whanaungatanga”) between staff, students and our community are instrumental in ensuring your child’s time with us is is both productive and positive.