Technology is changing fast and our education system needs to grow and adapt with it. We are changing how we equip our children and young people to participate, create, and thrive in this fast-evolving digital world.

What is technology?

Technology is intervention by design. It uses intellectual and practical resources to create technological outcomes, which expand human possibilities by addressing needs and realising opportunities.

Design is characterised by innovation and adaptation and is at the heart of technological practice. It is informed by critical and creative thinking and specific design processes. Effective and ethical design respects the unique relationship that New Zealanders have with their physical environment and embraces the significance of Māori culture and world views in its practice and innovation.

Technology makes enterprising use of knowledge, skills and practices for exploration and communication, some specific to areas within technology and some from other disciplines. These include digitally-aided design, programming, software development, various forms of technological modelling, and visual literacy – the ability to make sense of images and the ability to make images that make sense.

At Wairau Intermediate School our technology programmes support the development of gross and fine motor skills along with the skills of thinking, collaboration and team work.

Students learn to understand and follow the design process from start to finish as they develop, test and review models, products and systems while manipulating and creating with a range of materials including wood, metal, plastics, soft fabrics, food and electronics.