Wairau Intermediate School is a variable space state intermediate school dedicated to meeting the academic, emotional, physical and social needs of emerging adolescents.

Located on the North Shore ten minutes from downtown Auckland City, the school offers a wide range of programmes to a school population which reflects the unique diversity that is New Zealand society.

Its logo is derived from a Maori water pattern representing the meaning of Wairau, “an abundance of water”. In the sense that water is essential for growth, Wairau Intermediate aims to provide learning opportunities essential for adolescent development.

Our well qualified and professional staff are very successful in challenging students to achieve academic success in both national and international assessments. They also ensure that the social and emotional needs of children this age are met.

Wairau Intermediate encourages student participation in a huge variety of extra curricular activities, again challenging them to reach their full potential in all areas.

2019 Term Dates:

Term 1:          30 January – 12 April

Term 2:          29 April – 5 July

Term 3:          22 July – 27 September

Term 4:          14 October – 13 December

Wairau Intermediate School opened in 1980 as the first variable space intermediate school on the North Shore. Situated between the suburbs of Forrest Hill and Sunnynook, it seemed that one of these would be taken as the school name. The original Principal, Dave Kerr, was keen to involve the school community in the naming of the school and after much input and discussion, it was decided that the school would be called Wairau Intermediate. Wairau was the original name for the whole area and with an English meaning of “abundant water”, it seemed very appropriate with water being the basis of all growth – in our case physical, emotional and academic growth.

Artist Toi Maihi, wife of the Deputy Principal Berry Maihi, designed the school logo to illustrate this theme of abundant water and life.

The principle the school was founded on was to build an atmosphere of caring, respect and collegial support whereby children’s growth could be nurtured in an environment that allowed staff to easily cater for individual needs. Subsequent administrations have built on this principle and the school takes great pride in the fact that it continues to be a very supportive and successful learning institution in the key areas of the academic, physical and emotional development of the emerging adolescent.

Originally built to accommodate 10 classes, the school quickly grew and was added to over the years.

  • Newsletter Number 5 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS Nicole Choi was a member of the New Zealand Junior Golf Team that recently competed against a Chinese Junior Team in Hangzhou, China.  Nicole was the lowest scoring player in the girls’ section and helped the New Zealand Team to win. Nicole was also runner up in the recently held Akarana Women’s Open.  Nicole…

  • Newsletter Number 4 2019

    COLOUR YOUR DAY In collaboration with the Christchurch City Council, 24-7 Youthwork NZ has planned a way of demonstrating love and support for all those who have been impacted by the terrible events of 15 March.  This Friday, 29 March, we are encouraging all our students and staff to come together for a campaign called…

  • Cancellation of Stop Work meeting

    We have been notified this morning that the Stop Work meeting scheduled for tomorrow, 19 March, has been cancelled.

    There will be school as usual for our students tomorrow.

  • Newsletter Number 3 2019

    PHOTOLIFE CLASS & INDIVIDUAL/SIBLING PHOTOS Photolife will be here at school on Tuesday 2 April to take both class and individual/sibling photos.  Earlier in the week, students were given order envelopes which need to be completed and returned to school, with the money enclosed, by Friday, 29 March.  Please note the following: If you wish your…

  • Newsletter Number 2 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS A former Wairau student (and current Year 10 Westlake Boys’ student), Kenzo Santayana,  represented New Zealand in gymnastics at the Valeri Liukin Invitational held recently in Dallas, Texas.  Kenzo gained first place overall, with 1st place on vault and high bar. What a fantastic achievement from this amazing young man.  Below is a photo…

  • EOTC Week for the whole school from 18-22 February

    Below are the scheduled activities for all blocks for the week, including their expected leaving and return times to school: Block 1 EOTC: Monday 18 February            TREE ADVENTURESAt school by 8.30am              Leave at 9am               Return 3 pm Tuesday 19 February           WERO WHITEWATER PARK At school by 8.30am              Leave at 9.30am     …

  • Newsletter Number 1 2019

    NARAIN ACHARI It is with great sadness that we tell you that Narain Achari, our Wood Technology teacher for the last 21 years, passed away in Fiji during the school holidays. Narain was a much loved member of our staff and there will be thousands of Wairau students who will have very fond memories of…

  • Newsletter Number 18 2018

    WAIRAU INTERMEDIATE ENROLMENTS We are still accepting 2019 enrolments. If your child was not born in New Zealand and does not have a New Zealand passport, we will require the following: Student’s residence permit/or returning residence visa A parent’s work permit and student’s permit/visa Student’s New Zealand citizenship certificate For a full copy of our…

  • Newsletter Number 17 2018

    CONGRATULATIONS Bohan Jiang is a Year 7 student in Block One who has received the top mark in New Zealand in the Problem Challenge competition.  This is a New Zealand wide competition  that 26,000 Year 7 and 8 students take part in. A tremendous achievement by Bohan! SCHOOL DISCO Next Wednesday, 5 December, we are…

  • 2018 Art Extravaganza & Exhibition

    On Tuesday 13 November 2018 we are holding our annual Art Exhibition and Extravaganza.  Once again we are incorporating market stalls in this annual family event.  The evening begins at 5.00pm with singing, dancing, marimba and cultural groups performing on The Terraces, our outdoor performance area.  Students from both Wairau Intermediate and Sunnynook School will…

  • Newsletter Number 16 2018

    ART EXTRAVAGANZA  & ART EXHIBITION OPENING On Tuesday 13 November we are holding our annual Art Exhibition and Extravaganza.  Once again we are incorporating market stalls in this annual family event.  The evening begins at 5.00pm with singing, dancing, marimba and cultural groups performing on The Terraces, our outdoor performance area.  Students from both Wairau Intermediate…

  • Newsletter Number 15 2018

    NZEI STRIKE DAY The NZEI is scheduling rolling strikes across the country in the coming weeks.  The strike day in Auckland is scheduled for Monday 12 November.  If this goes ahead, the school will be closed for instruction on that day.  A notice will be sent home closer to the date, and if the strike…

  • Newsletter Number 14 2018

    SCHOOL ATHLETIC SPORTS On Friday 26 October we are holding our school athletics sports at The Millennium Institute in Mairangi Bay. Our students will compete in two field events of their choice and two track events of their choice. We are in desperate need of parent/caregiver help on this day. If you are able to…

  • Block 1 Camp at Kawau Island

    Students and teachers will return from camp at approximately 4.30pm (traffic permitting) on Friday 21 September 2018.  A teacher will be at school until the last student is collected.

  • Newsletter Number 13 2018

    PARENT INTERVIEWS Your child should have brought home a booking sheet for parent/teacher/student conferences to be held on 26 September. It is not too late to book a time and we would love to share the learning experiences of your child with you.  School will close at 12.30pm as interviews commence from 1.00pm.  The school…

  • School Musical Production of “The Blue Crystal”

    SCHOOL PRODUCTION Come along to “The Blue Crystal” for one hour of fun and entertainment on  Tuesday 4 September and Wednesday 5 September. The performances commence at 7.00pm on both nights and will conclude at approximately 8.15pm. Tickets are now on sale for $5.00.  Ticket order forms are available at the school office.   IT’S A…

  • Newsletter Number 12 2018

    ART EXHIBITION The Mairangi Bay Arts Centre are holding an exhibition of artwork by students from many North Shore schools, including Wairau Intermediate.  The exhibition will run for two weeks and will open on Saturday 25 August at 2.00pm.  One of our music groups will be performing at the opening and parents and caregivers are…

  • Westlake Boys High School & Westlake Girls High School Enrolments

    Westlake Boys High School Year 9 Information Evening will be held on Thursday 2 August at 6pm In Zone Enrolments – 7 August 12noon-4pm & 8 August 12noon-8pm Out of Zone Enrolments – 14 August 9am-4pm and 15 August 9am-8pm Westake Girls High School Enrolment Night 1 – Monday 30 July (Surname A-J) Enrolment Night…

  • Newsletter Number 11 2018

    ICAS DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES Results of the ICAS Digital Technologies exam have arrived. Congratulations to the following students who received a certificate of commendation: Certificate of Distinction: Shreerang Kulkarni Certificate of Credit: Kevin Shen Su, Ian Wang, Matthew Frenchman, Seungwoo Lee Certificate of Merit: James Beaglehole, Gabriel Loke, Nathan Holl  ICAS SCIENCE Results of the ICAS…

No Events

Learning gives students the power to direct their future.

We provide a learning environment that encourages success.

Wairau Intermediate School’s learning and teaching programmes are designed for:

  • flexibility
  • Individual student’s needs
  • scaffolding to further learning opportunities

Programmes cater for:

  • a range of academic levels for students
  • consolidation, extension and enrichment

Students have access to the latest innovations in learning technology

A copy of our current Strategic Plan is available for viewing at the school office.

Wairau Intermediate School is an internationally respected, research led school recognised for its excellence in teaching, learning, creative work, assessment, and administration.

We are committed to offering Year 7 and 8 students a well-balanced, well planned, and well implemented learning and teaching programmes.

Striving at all times to develop excellence in student achievement, these programmes go beyond the national guidelines set out in curriculum statements.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English—Literacy
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Technology
  • ASKWAI – Inquiry Based Learning
  • Physical Education
  • Second Language Learning
  • ESOL
  • Education Outside the Classroom
  • Outdoor Education/Camps
  • Music / Drama / Dance
  • ICT
  • Tikanga Maori
  • Careers Education
  • Leadership Training


Wairau Intermediate School is a technology and ICT focussed school and is investing heavily in computer technology, presentation technologies, and high speed access to the internet. Technology education at Wairau Intermediate is many faceted and is provided in a variety of ways.


Highly trained teachers provide learning experiences in Food Technology, Metal Technology, Wood Technology, Visual Arts and Music. All children rotate through these five areas over the year. Extension classes are also offered in these subjects for pupils identified as having ability in these areas. Modern, attractive, well-resourced technology rooms offer an environment that fosters learning and gives a huge variety of hands on experiences.

Wairau Intermediate has a High Fliers Club to reward all consistent achievers in the school. This is to encourage the children who always try their best, complete their homework, wear their uniform correctly, are courteous and considerate and work well with others.

Students are nominated by their teachers; after three nominations they become members of the High Fliers Club. These children are recognised at assemblies and receive a membership badge and certificate. At the end of the year the names of all members go into a draw and the lucky five win a scenic helicopter flight over Auckland.


Below is a list of sports that Wairau Students regularly are involved in at our local Zone days.  Some sports are offered outside of school hours, such as Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Water Polo and Table Tennis.  There almost isn’t a week that goes by that doesn’t have a team of keen and eager students out and about, representing Wairau Intermediate School.

  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Triathlon
  • Orienteering
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Rugby league
  • Hockey
  • Squash
  • Table Tennis
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Kiwi Kick
  • Cross Country
  • Gymnastics
  • Volleyball
  • Formal Dance
  • Touch
  • Turbo Touch
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Top Team
  • League Tag
  • Athletics

Grant Murray



Judy Carter

Deputy Principal, Block Leader


Margaret Laycock

Principal’s Secretary


Suzie Birch

International Students Director


Va Viti

Accounts / Reception


Daniel Oh

International Students Advisor/After School Programme Director


Liz Halliday



Lorraine Beven

Lorraine Beven

Counsellor / Arts Therapist


Wendy Viki

Teacher Aide


Bev Bibby

ESOL Teacher / Teacher Release


Judy Carter

Deputy Principal, Block Leader


Anna Dokter



Emma Hegan



Bernadette Walles

Block Leader, Teacher


Lyn Davis



Ryan Pilkington



Teresa Aue

Block Leader, Teacher


Adam Phillips



Christine Graham



Fiona Scott

Team Leader, Art


Paul Langman

Wood Technology


Bern Dell

Wood Technology


Philippa Drake

Performing Arts


Elise Van de Ven

Music Teacher


Esther Steven

Fabric Tech


Hector Maria

Property Manager


Tess Karlsson



Enrolling at Wairau is an easy process, and most excitingly we do not have a zone that you need to worry about. This means that no matter where you live your child has access to all the wonderful opportunities that Wairau Intermediate School offers. It is however very important to enrol your child well in advance of the school year, to help with successful class placements and school organisation. Enrolment forms are available year round and the school hosts enrolment days and evenings in the third term.

Please click on the link below to enrol your child.

2019 Term Dates

Term 1     30 January – 12 April

Term 2     29 April – 5 July

Term 3     22 July – 27 September

Term 4     14 October – 13 December

2019 Uniform Pick Up Dates:

Friday 25 January 9am-3pm

Tuesday 29 January 9am-3pm


Wairau Intermediate School is a signatory to the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students and is able to enrol students who are living or not living with their parents in New Zealand.

The school accepts students from all nationalities. Students aged 10 years to 13 years are welcome to enrol.

Please refer to the documents below:

  • International Student Fee – $11,500 per annum, $3200 per term, $400 per week for short term students
  • Enrolment Pack
  • NZ Immigration Information for Studying in New Zealand
  • About North Shore City
  • Code of Practice for International Students

한국어 소개

White Polo
PE Polo
PE Shorts
Socks (short)
Socks (long)

Block One

Block One Day

The first thing that people notice when they come into Block One are the animals-Bobby the budgie, Pretzel the rat, Flipper and Mister the turtles, and the nine tadpoles, some close to turning into frogs. The students all love the animals and enjoy playing with them at interval and lunch time. They add an extra…

Block Two

Block Two Day

Life in Block 2 … Is that of a family; we promote honesty, integrity, commitment and loyalty. We also encourage respect for self and others and tolerance of differences. Students are inspired to be self-motivated, with a love for learning. They are guided to be active participants in their learning, rather than it being seen…

Block Three

Block Three Day

Academic, sporty, industrious, diligence and hard working – just a few attributes that describe the friendly, energetic and wonderful students and teachers in Block 3. We are a variable teaching space with 4 composite classes of year 7 and 8 students. Each student in Block 3 has the opportunity to participate, have a go and…

Block Four

Tech Day

Technology and The Arts are fun, educational and practical. The focus is “hands on” activities, where the students are involved in discovering, doing, making, creating and performing. Music is a fundamental form of expression. At Wairau we provide appropriate instruments that can be experienced playfully and that do not have too many technical obstacles, allowing…