Career development can help Year 7 and 8 students manage the transition to secondary school. At this stage, students are already developing an early sense of “career” through their existing and aspirational life, learning and work roles.

Career development helps students link ideas about preparation, exploration, self-awareness and decision making to real life situations – including transitions to, through and from school.

Children of this age are learning to make connections between their own strengths and interests and the jobs that they see and learn about.

At Wairau, a rich and varied approach to learning about careers is promoted. Students are provided with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world of work as teachers help them make connections between people’s learning, abilities and interests and the careers they choose.

Our Careers Education Programme enables students to:

  • recognise their own strengths and how they might link with their futures.

  • share and talk about their developing aspirations

  • participate in enjoyable learning experiences that include exposure to real people and real situations.

  • hear from other young people about their experiences; inspirational role models.