Photolife will be here at school on Wednesday 5 August to take class and portrait photos.  Last term students were given Photolife brochures to take home which explained how parents will be able to view and purchase photos online.  If you did not receive this brochure, please ask your child to come to the office to collect one.

This year, individual portrait photos will be taken of every student.  These can be viewed and purchased online along with the sibling and class photos.

Please, note, if you would like your children to have sibling photos taken, you will need to do the following:

  • Pick up a Sibling Photo Booking Form from the school office BEFORE photo day.
  • RETURN the signed booking form, listing your children’s names and room numbers, to the school office BEFORE photo day.
  • If there is NO SIGNED FORM the photographers are not authorized to take a sibling photograph.

Once the photos have been taken, online photo access keys and manual ordering envelopes will be sent home.