The following is some information to help you in your decision to send your child to Wairau Intermediate School as an International Student.

You will find The Code of Practice in your language.  This is to code all schools under The Code of Practice operate by.

If you look under the other headings you will find information on our staff, see photos of our school and read our Prospectus.

Please fill out the Enrolment Pack and sign on every page and email back to me, Mrs Birch, at

At the moment New Zealand is having an outbreak of Measles.  Please be sure to include a copy of your child’s vaccinations as evidence of his/her safety in New Zealand.  You can also read information on the website regarding Measles.

The Code of Practice





Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS)

Complaints Procedure


Use the links below to help you find information on immgration, living and studying in New Zealand.