The Education Act requires that the Board of Trustees takes all reasonable steps to ensure that children attend school whenever it is open, unless they are sick or absent for some other reason.

A phone call on the day of sickness before 8.30am (09 410 7805) or submit an absence form through the School website is required.

When phoning clearly say your child’s full name and room number as well as the reason your child is not at school.

*Please ensure your contact details are up to date* 

We take a register twice daily at 8.45 and 1.35pm – We will phone home or the student’s next of kin if we haven’t received a phone call or email explaining absences.

If students arrive at school 8.45am, they must report to the school office and sign in the Late Book. If you are taking your child out of school, it is important that you sign them out at reception.

Students must be signed out at reception before leaving the school.

If you are planning a holiday or extended time away during term time, please check with your child’s class teacher for further information.