Newsletter Number 5 2018


Next term we start the auditions and rehearsals for our term three production of “The Blue Crystal”. I encourage all of our students to get involved in this, whether it be on the performance side or backstage.

The Blue Crystal is a children’s musical set 2000 years in the future. Following the depletion of its natural resources, Earth’s life support systems and civilisation depend upon The Blue Crystal, which powers a giant computer. When the crystal is stolen by the Zarcons, a warrior race from a distant and dying planet, the Earth people look to Captain Tor to regain the crystal and save the world.

Aided by his crew, robots, clones, aliens and a hologram, Tor is finally confronted by the Zarcon princess – and a dilemma! The Blue Crystal is full of variety and humour and has lots of high energy songs as well as an important global message.

The show will be on stage at Wairau on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of August. Auditions will be held on Tuesday 8th of May (the second Tuesday of Term Two). There are plenty of roles so we encourage all students to come along and audition and we will find something for them.

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Newsletter Number 5 2018