Praise for Wairau:

“My daughter was thrilled with your session, and did tell me it was confidential.  I didn’t ask her questions, I just said you were there for her to talk to.  My daughter has also written your name on her calendar for next Wednesday, with a love heart and a kiss!  Think you definitely made an impression.  Once again, thank you.” – excerpt from a letter to our Counsellor, Jo Larsen-Harris, from a thankful parent.


“You have a wonderful school – lovely staff and children and a fantastic environment in every sense of the word.  The learning environment is simply superb – you can almost feel the learning going on with all those engaged students.  I enjoyed working with our three AUT students and their associates and my thanks to those Associate Teachers who have been such great mentors and guides to our young students.  To really make my day I caught up with Rodney Bowden whom I haven’t seen for some years.  He was one of my star teachers from South Africa in the late 1990’s – it was so gratifying to see how well he has flourished in the intervening years.  I was delighted to hear about his fellowship with the Royal Society – such a prestigious award.  Many thanks and I hope to visit again.”  – excerpt from a letter from AUT Visiting Lecturer and Ex Principal


“Thank you again for taking care of our students last time.  We had so many positive feedbacks and they miss everything in the school.  Buddies and teachers, tuckshop and Maori performances!!  Some students still put their SNS’s profile picture of being at Wairau Intermediate School!”  – excerpt from letter from Korean International Student Group Co-ordinator


“I want to thank you and all your staff for your hard work and kindness during our students’ time in your school.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the company of your students and experiencing New Zealand school life.  They returned to Japan full of their trip, what they had done and seen and I hope, with an appreciation of the wider world that only comes from spending time in another country.  The trip was an unqualified success.  None of this would be possible without the kindness of you, your staff and students.  Thank you.  We look forward to our continuing relationship.  We would be happy and honoured to host your students here at Kaisei in the future” – excerpt from letter from the Principal of Kaisei Junior & Senior High School