Newsletter Number 3 2019


Photolife will be here at school on Tuesday 2 April to take both class and individual/sibling photos.  Earlier in the week, students were given order envelopes which need to be completed and returned to school, with the money enclosed, by Friday, 29 March.  Please note the following:

  • If you wish your child’s photo to be taken, you must return the envelope by 29 March with the payment enclosed.
  • If you wish sibling photos to be taken, separate envelopes are available at the office.
  • The methods of payment are by cash, cheque, credit card or online payment to Photolife. If paying by cash or cheque, the correct payment needs to be enclosed in the envelope, as no change can be given by Photolife.  Make cheques payable to Photolife.  Please add 0.25c for cheque fees.
  • Please do not deposit any payment into the school’s bank account. Payments are only administered by Photolife.


If you have had any recent change of address, home phone number, mobile numbers or email address, please fill in a form which is available at the front reception desk at the school office.

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Newsletter Number 3 2019