Newsletter Number 1 2017


Throughout this year, Mrs Scott will be working with our School Leaders on a leadership programme.  Our School Leaders for 2017 are:

Block One:  Shania Aholelei, Cathy Wang, Kirsten de Guzman, Mark Nelson, Robyn Hofmeyr, Peni Talafou, Kia Sampson, Ben Akers

Block Two:  Eian Que, Dahamsha Panamulla, Sarayah Scully, Dante Keelan-Ellis, Tessa Seed, Alex Lambert

Block Three:  Isis Quin, Sienna Potvin, Ashley O’Brien, Ezekiel Garcia, Meera Chemburkar, Joshua Garcia, Alessandra MacFarlane, Mitchell Atkinson


We will be profiling our Leaders in future newsletters.


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Newsletter Number 1 2017