Tech Day

Technology and The Arts are fun, educational and practical.

The focus is “hands on” activities, where the students are involved in discovering, doing, making, creating and performing.

Music is a fundamental form of expression. At Wairau we provide appropriate instruments that can be experienced playfully and that do not have too many technical obstacles, allowing student to develop their musical ideas. By making, sharing, and responding to music, students contribute to the cultural life of their schools, whānau, peer groups, and communities.

In drama, through purposeful play – both individual and collaborative – they discover how to link imagination, thoughts, and feelings.

Visual Arts at Wairau Intermediate encourages students to express themselves through a range of media such as drawing, sculpture, painting, design, printmaking and photography. Students are encouraged to bring their own experiences and responses to make meaning of artworks they create.

Hard materials Technology at Wairau gives all students the opportunity to design and create products in safe and well-equipped workshops. Students learn skills in manipulating a variety of materials using hand tools and machinery. They gain an appreciation of the practical processes as well as the social and environmental impacts of Technology.

Food Technology – feeding our bodies, growing our minds.”  In Food Tech. you learn skills for life – how to prepare food, how to be creative, how to co-operate with others, the importance of being respectful, how to problem solve, how to take risks and above all, how to enjoy your learning.

Students learn new practical skills through making projects which they develop through their lifetime.