Block One Day

The first thing that people notice when they come into Block One are the animals-Bobby the budgie, Pretzel the rat, Flipper and Mister the turtles, and the nine tadpoles, some close to turning into frogs. The students all love the animals and enjoy playing with them at interval and lunch time. They add an extra dimension to our stimulating environment!

Every morning at 8.45 Murray Hawke leads the block in a karakia, which the students have learned, and the formality is completed with a waiata, sung at least twice a week. This has built a sense of unity and connectedness as well as uplifting our spirits for the day!

We have PE or Sport each day, which for many children is a highlight. Physical education not only teaches valuable skills, but also develops a sense of comradeship, fair play, competitiveness, respect and support for others, all of which lead to a balance of body, mind and character. These Olympic Values, we believe, will stand the students in good stead in their future lives.

The weekly “Home Play” sheet is designed to foster efficient time management skills, consolidate learning at school, focus on interesting current events and also to be fun. The four teachers in Block One – Judy Carter, Murray Hawke, Emma Hegan and David Maritz – enjoy their profession as educators, and take great pride in the positive development and achievements of their students throughout the years they are in Block One. It is always a pleasure to reconnect with past students who come back to share their high school successes with us. We are pleased to acknowledge that the dynamic, organic, invitational style of education is alive and well in Block One!